We donโ€™t believe in greenwashing, we believe in transparency. Our commitment is to be completely transparent with our customers every step of the way. Throughout our whole journey of researching and visiting places within the fashion/hemp industry; we have learnt a lot about what is possible and what is still not possible due to the politics around the hemp plant as well as the plant still being in its early stages of development as a textile. We are definitely still learning as we evolve with our business and as technology advances in this field. However we have come to the conclusion that one can always aspire to create a greener footprint especially in the fashion industry being one of the world’s biggest polluters. Our commitment and intention is to be constantly striving towards making ethical and sustainable choices for our brand to the best of our capabilities being a small start up business.

If it were possible we would have all our production on-shore in our own country but unfortunately the current industry of Australia’s hemp textile & production industry has not yet developed in this way. We are passionate about this becoming a reality for us in the near future and will continue to strive towards making changes wherever possible as our business model and production chain is constantly evolving to become more carbon neutral.

What we do know is that by choosing to work with hemp as a textile we are contributing to a budding sustainable industry that is hemp and it needs our support globally. In order for the hemp industry to evolve, we know and understand that more hemp consumers are necessary in order to assist in growing the hemp textile industry, especially here in Australia. We are committed to spreading awareness about hemp and working with hemp farmers here in Australia to someday have production here on-shore. We are happy to know that we are striving towards making a closed loop system for our brand here in Australia someday when the industry and supply chain permits.

Ethical Suppliers

For now we are happy to be working with suppliers who promote and respect the rights of all their workers involved throughout their supply chain. In 2019 we visited all our factories and can confirm that all our manufacturers are being treated in accordance with fair trade regulations.

We believe we are doing the best we can by working with our friends in China who are experts in the field of hemp textiles. Our suppliers who work in the field of natural fibres and fabrics are constantly striving towards less energy output and the use of non toxic chemicals. Our suppliers are committed to carefully monitoring and controlling their waste water output to minimize their impact on the environment and creating comfortable safe working environments for all employees. We are grateful to have the opportunity to be working alongside such experts in the hemp industry as a small scale brand and provide hemp intimates to the world with our unique vision. When you purchase one of our hemp garments you are contributing to the solution so be be part of revolution.


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