Our Mission

Weโ€™re dedicated to providing sustainable timeless fashion. Our cuts are simple yet comfortable designed to wear to yoga, work or lounging about. Our garments are designed with the intention to be your everyday wardrobe essentials. We want people to feel empowered by wearing our garments knowing that they are supporting a brand that is dedicated to the future of hemp and revolutionizing the way we do fashion.

Our goal is to have our own solar powered hemp textile processing facility here in Australia and eventually produce our own hemp fabric for us and many others hemp enthusiasts who would like to purchase Australian made hemp. We feel by doing this we will be able to have our production monitored closely here on-shore whilst reducing our carbon footprint immensely. We feel it is important to educate, inspire and spread the message about hemp and its budding potential especially here in Australia with perfect land and climate conditions for it to really make a huge difference to our planet! Hemp is the solution to the global textile problem we are now facing, with the fashion industry being the largest pollutant in the world. We are fueled by our excitement for the potential of hemp and how it will revolutionize many industries, not just fashion and we look forward to being part of that journey!ย 


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